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High Commission of Republic of Rwanda Republic of Uganda

High commissioner's Message

Dear our Visitors,

It is our pleasure to host you on Rwanda High Commission's website. You will no doubt discover not only what our High Commission offers, but you will also catch a fascinating glimpse into the galaxy of opportunities in our country, Rwanda.

Rwanda High Commission in Kampala effectively represents the interests of the Government and people of Rwanda in Uganda. We also use this rare opportunity to act as feelers of our country in a diverse international community that has presence in the host country, Uganda. To this end, we ensure that the good image of our country is even made better.

Fostering of bilateral relations between Uganda and Rwanda remains our unwavering commitment. This way, we ensure that this bond grows from strength to strength. We ensure that our cooperation is based on the principle of mutual respect and international conventions.

We are in constant exploration of new areas of bilateral cooperation. This is not only aimed at strengthening the existing relations, but contributes to the non-ending search for solutions of ever-increasing needs of the peoples of both countries.

Please enjoy.  One more, most welcome, makes my number more!

Maj. Gen. Frank MUGAMBAGE

High Commissioner

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